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HolySons lyrics
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Author:  megarobot [ Mon Oct 06, 2014 9:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HolySons lyrics

I would be very grateful :o if you shed some light on Selfish Thoughts & Back Down to the Tombs? I've been going deep with this album, muchas gracias...

Author:  unconfused [ Tue Oct 21, 2014 11:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HolySons lyrics

<Selfish Thoughts>

Written & Recorded in 2010 as "Selfish Mind" and re-recorded in 2013 as "Selfish Thoughts"
Released in '14 on "The Fact Facer"

Selfish Mind, Selfish Thoughts
I'd give away everything I've got
Just to grab ahold of one single truth
I'll wave goodbye to the rest of my youth
Just to learn one single thing
I call outside of my brain

I'll drive a wedge, I'll grab the edge, I see it now
I'll pull myself up to the ledge somehow
Its time to return to my original state
The one I left when I took the bait
I don't believe all the things I told myself was real...

...pulling yourself up to the ledge probably comes from the Twilight Zone where the ballerina and soldier etc. are trapped in a black room trying to figure out how to get out... the most direct appropriation of Sartre by Rod Serling fer sure,,,

...Fighting your own mind,, not believing the things you told yourself,, seems to go back to the opening of the book 'Be Here Now' when Dick Alpert is watching his jet and boat and mansion all disintegrate and wondering if he is dying himself or just the illusion of himself he's attached to... a rare exclusive thing,, Thrill Jockey have the original version of this song on Itunes now in its extended form.. this is definitely the longest ever released HolySons song at 9:21 >> Check it! ... d915956181

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Author:  unconfused [ Fri Nov 28, 2014 6:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HolySons lyrics

<Life Could be a Dream>

Written & Recorded in 2012
Released in '14 on "The Fact Facer"

When I get off this mouse's wheel
I'm gonna change the way I always feel
You never take a game serious... shouldn't take a game...

Everybody's feelin' the same old Scorpion sting
And tryin' to decode with the cheapest dime-store ring
So you can look for your keys in the darkest night
After staring at the sun that shined too bright
You'll see shapes you can imagine
Could cure the wildest ills
You can imagine... the wildest ills

When I get off this same old mouse's wheel
I'm gonna change the way I always feel

Life Could be a Dream, Life Could be a Dream
So you can lie back and shudder or Wake up and Scream
Or rattle chains like me in a Limbo in between...

..In the 80's on long car rides between North Carolina and Georgia, my mother would buy us these gas-station compilations of 50's songs. This got me into Del Shannon & and tons of odd novelty songs like "Haunted House", "Tell Laura I love her", "Sugar Shack" and so on. Buried somewhere between "Charlie Brown" and "Splish Splash" was "Life Could be a Dream" by the Coasters.

Neil Young made a punk tradition out of grabbing classic/old song titles and re-imagining them with a different narrative. ...and the concept of 'life being a dream' is relatively worn out,, so you have to try and make it new again..- Ironically,, on a break from touring a couple years ago,, I was back in Georgia visiting my mom and picking out some chords while thinking about what I tend to think about everyday... which is this hilarious tempting thought that 'someday, maybe things will be different'.. ...the fallacy that life is moving towards some grand achievement in a linear fashion... ..a meditation on the grass being greener eventually.. ..just something the ego taunts you with.. the idea of 'getting off this mouse's wheel' is the joke // because its not possible...

and in some way,, words have the ability to enact a potentially poetic revenge on this Catch 22 that can soothe you...
to "lie back and shudder or wake up and Scream
Or rattle chains like me in a Limbo in between..." gives some sort of implied resolution to something that can never be resolved...

'Wake up and Scream' was probably a reference to an old horror film with accidentally Existential implications called "Scream and Scream Again" that they shouldn't have showed us in after-school one day...

Author:  MCspikeSky [ Thu Dec 04, 2014 12:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HolySons lyrics


Loving The Fact Facer, Emil.

Some lyrics and a little backstory to line meback up and no self-respect would make my day.

Author:  unconfused [ Sat Feb 28, 2015 2:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HolySons lyrics

<Back Down to the Tombs>

Written in 1997
Recorded in 2012
Released in '14 on "The Fact Facer"

"Forged by coals, in caves that gave an individual truth
A wiser mind would ask each day exactly why we came this way
The same path back down to the tombs
See the toxins show the trail
I'll cut away and turn the oar from currents pushing me before
And all those lusting to fail...

Compulsion breeds the perfect slave
And Slaves know what to do
Any day's good but today I could get pushed along like old driftwood
The same way I used to
Then I turned the oar towards land
I'll cut away, I'm cutting toward these currents pushing me to shore
Hopefully fairly evolved...

Well, You are the most Dangerous
Sick and you're so sad, Dangerous
You know you're helpless to the Dangerous
Unless you come face to face with these ills in yourself..."

...I was driving up into the woods in Oregon sometime in 2012 and had grabbed an old tape for the car from the college-era that had the phrase "Sweet Nothings" written on it -..this song came on while the car spiraled up into the forest and it was really surreal hearing something totally forgotten and buried as a time-capsule that, when dug up, brought back a fully-formed creative moment and era of my life I'd totally lost touch with - the verses had to be completely re-worded to make it relevant again, which was a bit of a mathematical feat- the song suggests there might be hidden paths of evolution that only the most curious would seek to find,, these songs lay buried away from the larger world like lost messages to a distant future species-- ..strange to watch the bottles drift out into the ocean never knowing if they might just sink >>> Sending Power out to the isolated loner down at the end of the line :idea: 10-4

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Author:  unconfused [ Tue Mar 24, 2015 3:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HolySons lyrics

<No Self Respect>

Written in 2003
Recorded in 2004
Released in '14 on "The Fact Facer"

People try to get me to cut my hair
But I can't even bother with what I wear
People try to make me feel bad
I guess I'll never be just what I am, but I am...

I'm a strange one... and I guess it just has to be that way... the early 2000's there was a decent run where HolySons played pretty consistently in Portland, Oregon and this song is one of the main results from that era... Looking back now it was part of a group of songs that were built upon the work of folk singers like Fred Neil,, acknowledging their approach as an essential aspect of how American music has evolved & wanting to write things in that 'classic' sounding form - ..its the final song that'll be released from the sessions that featured Grails' violinist Timothy Horner & William Slater from Grails on piano ---- 'I Want to Live a Peaceful Life' was characterized by a specific kind of too-much-pot-smoking paralyzation... and "No Self Respect" was meant to be the lead off track of the follow up album - unfortunately a chain of dominoes fell into a pattern that suppressed the song for 10 years... thankfully it finally found a place on The Fact Facer..

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Author:  module_invoke [ Wed Oct 28, 2015 12:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HolySons lyrics

Looky over here!!

Author:  Leezum [ Wed Jun 22, 2016 3:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HolySons lyrics

I'm not sure if this thread is still active, but is there any chance you could give the lyrics for Young Man with prehaps some meaning behind them?

The track means a hell of a lot to me, its been getting me through some hard times and I even went to the effort of working out how to play it on guitar, so would love to know if I'm getting all the lyrics right.

Thanks a lot for this whole thread anyway man, its so awesome.

Author:  unconfused [ Thu Jun 23, 2016 1:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HolySons lyrics

I'll see if I can get these posted up for you tomorrow!! >>> :idea: 10-4

Author:  unconfused [ Sun Jun 26, 2016 4:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HolySons lyrics

<Young Man>

Written & Recorded in 1998
Released in '14 on "Lost Decade II"

And when this storm's clear
I'll be standing right here
I'll survive the sadness of this world
So let the Sun rise
I am a Young Man
I'll live a long time
I hope my heart's not set on much

I gotta move slow
And let my eyes close
Trust in this world
With my Life

This one was written alongside "I Went down with the Dogs" on my grandmother's land in Georgia on a spring break from college in around 1998.... the first two years of college were BRUTAL as I'd been paralyzingly depressed,, so by the third year I'd finally climbed up & reached a bit of a psychological plateau that awarded a slight God's eye view - ..everybody probably knows that feeling, where at the end of a tempestuous LSD trip,, there's a certain calm that comes over everything sometimes that seems to declare that 'all is well'... This song was essentially accepting that maybe life can be a simpler affair if you don't try to possess it too much... elusive state of mind at times and usually existing in a brief 'peak experience'... ...regardless,, freezing that understanding into a song acted as a reminding device that all upheaval will settle back down in its own order - ...there is another recording of the song from right when I'd written it that will probably make it onto one of the next Lost Decade volumes... but this version on Lost Decade II has always been special as Duncan and I were tripping in my dorm room and the song's sentiment seemed to perfectly fit with the knowingness of the LSD frame of mind... ⚡️Crucial times⚡️ :: 10-4

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