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HolySons lyrics
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Author:  no.divisions [ Thu May 29, 2014 3:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HolySons lyrics

Lyric request for I Can't Cross the Street and Let Me Give Up, if possible plz.
Will chromepeeler accept a mail order? Thanks.

Author:  unconfused [ Thu May 29, 2014 8:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HolySons lyrics

<I Can't Cross the Street>

Written in '95 & Recorded in '96
Released in '14 on "Lost Decade II"

"I can't cross the street to save my life,
And I was certain that there's no tomorrow
The Sounds of the Graveyard were rising again
So many dead things passing by my ears..

Have you seen me burn before?
All my body's sore
Divided Blood Chilling Sick Heart Core
'Cause Being's arm in arm with War..

Medicine Friends, their drills still impend
Your search for complacency never ends
Doped across the surface they spill out
Giving a headless creature the face of a human
& I ask will the humans be justified?

Everybody's made up just like me
& look at this misfortune
Everybody's made of Energy {and the Nothingness}
& I swear yrs goes nowhere I swear it goes nowhere.."

An old favorite // Voice & acoustic recorded initially on a handheld tape recorder in the stairwell of our dorm -- I set the drums up in our dorm room and overdubbed them and the bass/harmony voices onto the remaining tracks on a the cheapest Tascam 4-track they sold // one of the more magical 4-tracks around ::

>>> The Best of the "Hungry Years" >> 10-4

Author:  unconfused [ Thu May 29, 2014 10:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HolySons lyrics

<Let Me Give Up!>

Written in '95 & Recorded in '96
Released in '14 on "Lost Decade II"

"Up on coming home
Upon thinking alone
Let me go straight to be more confused
'Cause there's limited titles on what I can use
Just don't deny your life & don't bring me to the other side
What an awful gift it is insight..

There's a young girl tied up in the power lines as I'm stumbling home
Into someone else's home and I smile
'Cause its funny when yr in the swing of things
And you can't stop being/seeing what you Aren't

I can't wait to just go to jail to be more confused
Let me go straight with this much to lose
Don't Deny my life just to bring me to the other side
What an awful gift it is insight..."

This is only song that will probably see release from a summer I spent living in Boston in '95. It was one of the very first things I recorded when I got to college in the collective 'band room' beneath the cafeteria {a beer-stained closet that I LOVED}. We touched on this 'lost' period briefly near the end of Duncan's podcast we did live in LA last weekend ::

I went to college to avoid dying and it pretty much worked. One of the best of the aimless/wandering years...

Author:  unconfused [ Fri May 30, 2014 6:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HolySons lyrics

<Sheds & Shelters>

Written & Recorded in '98
Released in '14 on "Lost Decade II"

"Sheds & Shelters, Huts & Hideaways
Claim the disease before evil deeds and ways claim you
& you, you're lost, profoundly blind

You think you're sick inside there, you don't even know
You can't turn around to let yourself tell you so

You must be reborn
Between you and you're life you are torn
In you, you must believe"

Recorded again on a handheld and then transferred to the 4-track in an old laundry room across campus that's since burned down. // This would of been right after we got back from India as it used to open up with Duncan, Dave and my footsteps walking up a hill in Dharamshala ...there was an electric version but I may just re-record it sometime in the next year or so >> there used to be an intro that was pretty witchy and deserves to be brought back for sure>>10-4
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Author:  unconfused [ Fri May 30, 2014 9:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HolySons lyrics

<From the Floorboards>

Written & Recorded in '97
Released in '14 on "Lost Decade II"

"From the Floorboards comes the Whisperings that I need to hear
Frequencies come realized / Soothing my ears
This is the upkeep of the dungeon that I call no home

Out of a Self-Hate / & Out of a Self-Love
..I Left the World
Out of Love >> I Left The World"

This one was hastily recorded over a philosophy class tape in '97,, which gave it a particularly garbled sound that wobbles... (our teacher would review our work and respond back to us on cassette) // ...pieces of Joni Mitchell & an old sea shanty begin burbling up over the song at the end-- ..of all the songs on Lost Decade II its pretty clearly the one most effected by being on acid while recording -- there were always subtle traces of residue in the songs from this time :: a clicking jaw in between lines // a thousand banshees chanting inside the feedback // widened eyes and falling out of pitch or laughing at oneself suddenly in the middle of a line... all in all,, probably the happiest days of my life.. 10-4

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Author:  no.divisions [ Thu Jun 05, 2014 11:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HolySons lyrics

@unconfused wow, man. Thanks for these!

(end of), The Voice- "from the floor boards comes the whipserings..."

Author:  unconfused [ Mon Jun 23, 2014 9:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HolySons lyrics

<I Got Kicked Out of my Hometown>

Written & Recorded in '96
Released in '14 on "Lost Decade II"

{On our own}

Everybody's drivin me to see what we mean
& I don't think that its my fault that I'm insane
I believe in the road I'm taking 'cause I took it
& its different that it doesn't exist
You know its different that I don't exist

I just jumped three flights of stairs
& I wish I could of caught up with #19
There's a girl like that in every town
& I think she sees just what I see

I think we say that life's too long
I'm so hung up on doing wrong
I got kicked out of my hometown
& I got hooked on goin' down

So the more I feel, the more I sink
'Cause I only know what I've been told to think..

..To dive into a project like this you have to consider the potential to willingly embarrass yourself,,, which is a good thing if its communicating something simultaneously - The thing that made me start this project when I was a kid was hearing insane or potentially unflattering home recordings and being in awe of how much power raw honesty had when combined with enough just craft to create an atmosphere and get one's point across-- so, its kind of an obligation, in digging thru tapes that are 20 yrs old, to find things that come VERY close to embarrassing yrself in the quest to reveal what's at the core of all this,,, if you aren't doing that doesn't everything just tumble down toward the same old road of commercialism and produce the inevitably boring / cliche non-articulations we fill our lives with all too often? -- This song was recorded the first year I was in college,,, horribly depressed and spending most of my time hiding from people // I'd become fixated on a soccer player on the girl's team that wore the number 19... ...there's a faint influence from one of Barlow's masterpiece's in the intro in the way the guitars descend ::

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Author:  unconfused [ Thu Jun 26, 2014 8:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HolySons lyrics

<Altar in the Woods>

Written & Recorded in '97
Released in '14 on "Lost Decade II"

I've never been to a church like this before
All the candles are black
The smell of incense burns my nose
I was young, she was old
I can't tell if your thoughts are real
On your neck the sign of the seventh seal
On your breath the taste of nutrasweet
From your loins, an incredible heat
I sold my soul to Mephistopheles

Sweet Mountain Water
She talked back so I shot her {..and I cut her up}
She wouldn't wear what I bought her
And now I'm runnin' scared..

Duncan's improv :: " was just like the meteor storm // I held her hand & those claws sunk into my wrists... and I knew that we were going to the Altar in the Woods // Where she would put things... // close the door inside yourself, you'll put it on the shelf // Last Time, Last Time.. this is the last time that I will ride this fisting machine... I can't go on.."

..This was the only song I didn't remember at all while searching thru tapes.. so strange to hear it as a transmission from an alternate universe now-- Duncan would often come by my room and hit record on the four track and improv // every once and awhile we'd throw lines back and forth and actually compose something... ...we also accumulated a batch of something like 30 prank calls that were pretty notorious around the school... :: this is the only one online ::

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Author:  Mtt [ Fri Jun 27, 2014 2:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HolySons lyrics

Sweet! the spirit of Altar in the Woods is definitley my favourite on the album. such a perfect capsule from a time long past. makes me think of my own lost days with friends and smile.

Author:  unconfused [ Thu Oct 02, 2014 3:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HolySons lyrics

<Wax Gets In Your Eyes>

Written & Recorded in early 2013
Released in '14 on "The Fact Facer"

{Apples and Oranges}

You seem to think you've got a hold on me
You seem to think you're using me
You'll never know oh You'll never know x3

Inefficient Eyes that blink and miss sunsets
Wax gets in your eyes when mannequins get upset
Blood drips from the Ozone and some Orange Trees too
Machiavelli sang "what's good for you?"

You'll never know oh You'll never know x3

Right when the world pins me down and thinks its won
{that's just what I want you to think}
Right when they count me out and say its all done
{that's just what I want you to think}

..Apples and Oranges is a reference to this song ::

..I think I wanted to cover this Frank Sinatra song at one point ::

and the smoke curling around him got mixed up in my mind with the idea of 'smoke gets in your eyes' :: and then, probably from watching too many old Italian movies like this one where the mannequins come alive,::

..the line about Wax getting in your eyes landed perfectly within an angry narrative about people who think they have you where they want you,, when they may not know they're being manipulated into a false confidence... ...seeming vulnerable and subordinate is a better vantage point than feeling in control in certain positions,,, so here's another song for the underdogs that know to wait for their time >>> 10-4

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