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HolySons lyrics
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Author:  Leezum [ Wed Jun 29, 2016 3:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HolySons lyrics

Thanks a lot for the reply, only recently left university myself and am having similar thoughts, thoughts that I found this song explained perfectly and concisely, qualities I wish more people would cherish.

I had all the lyrics right apart from 'Heart set on much', which I always thought was 'Heart sat on much'. So I always thought that you were saying that you hoped you didn't get your heart crushed or dampened by people around you. But the word 'set' actually makes a lot more sense as it kinda implies a disregard of your heart as opposed to an aggression towards it. So its more of a wish that you are not disregarded as a human, and you are taken into account whether in a negative or positive light. After all the opposite of love isn't hate its apathy.

But yeah sorry about the long ramble, I just love you're music and the meanings behind the songs are gold to me.

I know your most likely busy, but if you get a chance I would love the lyrics for 'Rebel of Vicarious Life'.

Again cheers for the reply.

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